Fields of expertise

– Real Estate Development (new constructions, extensions, renovations, concrete frame repairs)

  • Houses
  • Commercial buildings
  • Restoration and Hotels
  • Hospitals

– Road works and Parkings

– Geo-technical works

– Piping, rainwater collection and drainage, retention basin and other hydraulic projects

– Earthworks and landscaping

– Industrial projects

– Port works

We leverage knowledge, experience and project management best practices with digital solutions to create synergies to meet owner’s objectives and assure best outcome.

Engineering and Construction is a highly demanding industry that faces many challenges due to the particularities of its bizarre and complex ecosystem which is characterised from

  • High degree of fragmentation, cyclicality and volatility.
  • “One-of” character of projects
  • Outcome’s customisation is the Highest Possible
  • Stakeholders’ synthesis is rarely stable

As a result, projects cope with recurring problems:

  • Time and cost overruns
  • Outcome not aligned with customer expectations => low performance quality
  • Health, Safety and Environmental Issues

The complexity of the project’s ecosystem necessitates a set of combined solutions.
Any Stand-Alone Approach is doomed to fail.
An efficient project managent pays off !

Preliminary project evaluation

  • Feasibility and preliminary study
  • Assessment of required resources
  • Budget and planning pre-assessment
  • Risk Assessment
  • Decision to carry out the project or not

Integrated Project management

From zero to the end

  • Initiation
  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Execution / Monitoring
  • Closing

Scope management

  • Identify the project requirements
  • Work breakdown structure
  • Define the scope
  • Monitor / control / update the scope of the project

Budget and Schedule Management

  • Define – approve – monitor the budget
  • Define – approve – monitor the schedule
  • Resource management
  • Suppliers and contractors management (contract mng)
  • Change management

Quality Management

  • Identify project requirements with stakeholders
  • Define standards
  • Conformance Quality
  • Performance Quality
  • Processes: Identify / Define / Control / Repeat

Communication and Document Management

  • Define communication processes
  • Digital communication and document management services (digital platforms)
  • Stakeholder management

Risk Management

  • Risk identification and evaluation
  • Risk analysis
  • Best / worst case scenario
  • Stakeholders management against risks

Resources Management

  • Estimate activity resources
  • Acquire resources
  • Develop the team
  • Manage and control the team

Change Management

  • Define process for changes
  • Align changes with project scope
  • Balance cost and schedule consequences with changes necessity and profit
  • Approve changes and update project parameters